I create professional interlingual subtitles from English and Spanish as well as subtitles for the deaf or hard-of-hearing and work with the subtitle software EZTitles.

Interlingual subtitles

While the original dialog is still audible, the translation is complemented in the form of subtitles.

I offer a professional translation under consideration of country specific features in language and culture, a precise spotting as well as perfect readability.

Subtitles are created according to the Code of good subtitles from English and Spanish into German and vice versa.

Subtitles for the deaf or hard-of-hearingn

People with impaired hearing gain access to the medium of film by intralingual subtitles.

Next to the dialog, those subtitles also provide information about music and sounds as well as a speaker identification through different colors.

I offer a professional transformation of the original dialog, a precise spotting and perfect readability.


In the case of a missing screenplay or transcript, I create a transcript of the audio material, including timecodes and speaker identification.

Live subtitling

The original dialog is reproduced live in the form of subtitles with the assistance of speech recognition software.

I offer perfect readability and the best possible reproduction of the source text according to German subtitle standards.